Keep the profit inside!

If you have both generation assets and consumption sites, you would be able to supply your own energy without being exposed to the grid risks. You don’t need to sell your energy to the system and buy it again anymore! We help you with the matching, balancing, and excess or shortage of power in your VPW. You would be able to save massively on your energy bills and make the most out of your generation assets. Let’s keep the profit in!

What Is Our Offer?

Our system helps you to power your own consumption sites with our Virtual Private Wire (VPW) solution & increases energy efficiency by up to 50%.

  • Virtual Private Wire (VPW) solution to prosumers to make most of their assets and supply their own consumption.
  • Help prosumers with matching, profiling, imbalance, and managing of the shortage or excess of power in their VPW.
  • Helping small energy suppliers with their lack or excess of energy by allocating an aggregated power with the required generation profile.
  • Helping housing associations, NHS, and Local authorities to monetise their excess power going to the grid.
  • Creation of VPP for small generators to help them minimise their imbalance and unnecessary operational costs.

Max power management efficiency by up to 50%

Our VPW solution gives you an opportunity to power your own consumption sites at almost no cost and monetise the excess to the grid.

Monetise the excess energy

If you are NHS, Local Authority, or Housing Association and your energy is going to the grid with no added value for you, we help you to monetise it!

Keep the profit in

We help you to keep the profit of power generation inside your organization which helps you to get to your NetZero target earlier.

Benefits For You

  • Max your power management efficiency by up to 50%.
  • Massive saving on your energy bills.
  • Be self-sufficient and supply your own energy.
  • Making the most out of your power generation.
  • Having the benefits of Private Wire without the hassles of it.