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About UrbanChain

What we want to do for you
"We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles."
by Thomas A. Edison

Urbanchain is developing a world-leading and innovative platform, thanks to blockchain technology and AI, that directly links energy consumers (i.e. householders and small businesses) to energy generators in the wholesale market, and facilitate switching to the best deal in almost real time. We aim to offer significant savings in energy bills for consumers, a level and competitive market for electricity from renewables, and help in making agile and transparent enforcement cases for regulators.

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2500000 Fuel Poor Households
884000000 Fuel Poverty Gap (£)
917000000 Debt Arrears (£)
43900 Winter Excess Death

Who we work with

We have set up a sustainable partnership in place
Government & Regulators

We are working closely with Ofgem, BEIS, DWP and local authorities to end fuel poverty and design new energy market.

Energy Generators & Distributors

We have partnered with different players such as EDF, Centrica and Carbon Coop to offer our solutions to households.

Universities & Innovation Hubs

Our partnership with universities and innovation hubs has enabled us to develop world-leading and highly innovative products.

Not-for-profit organisations

At the heart of our mission, we target vulnerable households to benefit from the reduced bills and intelligent distribution of resources.

Blockchain-based Platform

Our platform directly links consumers to renewable energy generators,
and automate switching to the best deal in almost real time.

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AI 4 Fuel Poverty

We intelligently identify at-risk households to fuel poverty,
and the factors contribute to their circumstances.

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Some of our awards

Very proud of what we achieved so far, and more to come!
Momentum Support

Momentum Support

UMIP Innovation Optimiser & Momentum Support
Making a Difference

Making A Difference

Highly Commended at the University of Manchester
Venture Further

Venture Further

1st Prize at Research Category
Tech Incubator

Tech Incubator

Manchester Science Partnership
Innovation Champion

Innovation Champion

UMI3 - University of Manchester
Innovate UK

ICURe Award

Innovate UK - Innovation Commercialisation

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Manchester Technology Centre, Oxford Road, Manchester, UK M1 7ED

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Mon-Fri: 9am-5pm

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