We offer the safest way for you to monetise your power

Small/Medium Size Generators

Safety, security, risk-free, direct access to end-users.

  • By selling your power directly to high credit corporate consumers. High credit corporate consumers from primary industries and life essential business are waiting to procure 100% of the green energy from you.
  • Currently the wholesale market buys renewable energy the same way it buys brown energy and prices it the same way.
  • We save you from the volatility of the wholesale market. We decouple your renewable power from the wholesale market and unleash the real value of your energy.
  • Zero risk of supply license default and direct sales of power to high-credit corporate clients in secured exchanges will provide the safest way for you to sell your power and secure your income.

Asset Managers

Risk-free, secure income, direct access to end-users.

  • The current market situation has increased the risk of trading energy and securing PPAs.
  • Our solution to manage that risk is to enable you to sell your energy directly to high credit corporate clients in a secure and managed exchange.
  • Off Takers and suppliers procure renewables the same way they procure brown energy and the prices are the same way.
  • This would expose renewables to the risk of the wholesale market's volatility and increase the credit default risk.
  • We decouple renewables from the wholesale market and enable high-credit corporate clients to procure their energy directly from you.


Alternative market, profit and liquidity of flex with security of fixed contracts.

  • Our creation of an alternative market where renewable energy can be sold directly to high-credit corporate consumers minimises the risk of suppliers' credit default and at the same time makes it more flexible.
  • In fact, you can dedicate a portion of your portfolio to our alternative market and enjoy the security of the fixed contracts while benefiting from the profit and liquidity of flex contracts.