Energy Should Be Treated Better

We deliver all these services through our Blockchain and AI based energy exchange system. Our AI technology analyse both generation and consumption profiles, aggregate the similar patterns, create VPPs and offer the best match to minimise the imbalance cost. At the same time, our Blockchain system enable us to overcome intermittency and fluctuations of renewables and create a solid block of aggregated renewables to serve as a baseload. This is how we bring the renewables into the mainstream and delink them from the wholesale market.

What Is Our Offer?

We offer you to sell your energy directly to your local (or non-local) corporate clients at the highest rate in the market!

  • You will be able to sell your energy at least 20% more higher than other PPA rates.
  • You will be matched with multiple clients and can sell your energy to all of them at the same time, reducing credit risk.
  • You will NOT be exposed to any imbalance charges.
  • Your energy can be used as peak or baseload depending on your shape, along with other matched generations.
  • If you are a non-subsidised generator you will be offered at least 50% more than other PPAs.
  • Zero risk of non-payment due to multi-layers of security and advance payments.

Minimum 20% Extra Margin

We can buy your energy for min. 20% more than your current rate with our innovative PPA. We are keen to talk to different renewable energy generators of all size.

100% Transparent

In our system, your energy is directly sold to the nearest consumers to you (peer-to-peer trading). Energy exchanges happen in full transparency at the local level.


Our system has 95% accuracy in the prediction of supply and demand. Our system mitigates the risk of imbalance costs and give you full control.

Benefits For You

  • Direct sales of energy to corporate clients.
  • Highest rate of return and ROI for renewable generators.
  • Contribution to local economy and local employment.
  • Payment security 24/7.
  • Being matched with multiple clients.
  • Interactive user dashboard to see to how much energy you sell to whom, at what price in each half hour.