Making Renewable Energy Affordable


About Us

We have created a P2P exchange system to connect renewable generators with consumers; reducing network and transmission costs, saving money for the consumer, and boosting revenue for the generator.

Renewable Generators

UrbanChain connects you, the generator, to consumers seamlessly and transparently. Our system removes many of the existing network and transmission costs meaning you can sell your energy for a price 20% higher than market rates.


No need to worry about any imbalances, our system manages this for you.

Full Control

Your personalised dashboard shows you exactly who your energy has been supplied to broken down in half-hour intervals, and at what price.

Highest Rate

By selling your energy on the P2P exchange, you will be receiving the highest rate in the market.

Multiple Matching

The energy you produce will supply multiple businesses in your local area.

It's your energy; you're in control

We believe the generator should be the price-setter, and that's exactly what our system is designed to do. Say goodbye to high commission fees, and hello to the future of the energy market.


Our system enables you to consume your own supply with our Virtual Private Wire (VPW) while increasing energy efficiency by up to 50%.

Virtual Private Wire

Reap the benefits of a private buyer without any costly infrastructure deficiencies.

Monetise Your Excess

We believe you should receive a fair price for your excess generation. Our system ensures this is redistributed locally and you receive the best possible rates.

Efficiency Of Power Management

UrbanChain provides the most efficient methods of trading among your generation and consumption assets.

Save Money and Make Profit

With the best rates in the market, you will make a profit on any excess generation while saving money on your energy bills.

Commercial Consumers

UrbanChain connects you, the consumer, to generators directly. Our system removes many of the existing network and transmission costs meaning you can save up to 50% on your energy spend while working towards your NetZero targets.


Your personalised dashboard shows you exactly where your energy has been generated in near-real-time and at what price.

Locally Sourced

Our system will match your consumption with energy which has been generated in your local area; helping not only the environment but also your community.


We take great pride in providing a level of transparency never seen in the energy market. No more hidden charges.


The savings made using our system are passed on to you, the consumer, meaning you will benefit from the cheapest rates in the market.


Your consumption will be matched directly with renewable generation in our P2P exchange.

Achieve your NetZero targets with minimal fuss

Our system enables you to source your energy directly from renewables with no greenwashing. The market is changing and UrbanChain offer consumers the chance to change with it. Transparency is key to achieving our NetZero goals.




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